Integration and Image Enabled

ONLY 100% Integrated / Image Enabled Solutions Designed by Government Officials

Why Integrate?

Eliminates Duplicate Entry 

Information is entered in one department and shared with other departments instead of the same information entered again & again – Saves at least 30% duplicate entry.

Improves Accuracy

The risk of data entry errors is reduced when the same information is no longer entered multiple times – reduces errors at least 30%, as well.

Uses Latest Technology 

Utilizing lower cost, advanced technology permits repetitive tasks to be scheduled and automatically performed by your software, substantially decreasing your staff’s time previously needed to complete the same functions.

Promotes Communication and Cooperation  

When information is shared and passed from one department to another the need to work together is also enhanced and results in more accurate records.

Integration results from multiple software applications designed to jointly perform organization wide tasks required by all your officials and their staff

Why Image?

Image Enabled automatically stores and accesses digital copies of your paper documents from anywhere within your software applications

Lost Files

Digital files can never be misfiled or lost temporarily or worse yet, permanently!

Quick Retrieval

Digital copies are literally at your fingertips, with searches conducted and files retrieved instantly from your computer.

Multiple Viewing

More than one person may view a digital document at the same time from multiple locations; in fact your Auditors may even view annual transaction & supporting documents from their location – Reduces Audit Time / Fees.

Storage Space

Paper files require storage space, and lots of it - a four-drawer file cabinet (about 10,000 pages) can be digitally stored and accessed by unlimited users from our Server Farm or your file server for less than $120 / year instead of from storage rooms full of file cabinets, all over your organization.  Reducing paper storage also permits conversion of current storage space to desk space further delaying additional building expansions. 

File Mobility

Digital documents are easily and quickly located and shared when needed.  The cost of sending information by e-mail is easier, faster and cost much less than moving paper documents by mail.

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