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Beyond the Technology

TimeCentre’s functionality is unsurpassed. Our attention to detail has played a crucial part in our customers’ success. We listen to our clients and work to provide them with the smart tools to get their jobs done.

Our web-based solutions are a cut above other vendors. Accessible from a standard browser, TimeCentre gives you the option of hosting a solution that works reliably, even for customers with low bandwidth. TimeCentre expands on its promise to
deliver the best in the smartest way.

We offer a wide variety of time entry options. With TimeCentre you are able to track employee hours using a standard card swipe, or you may choose to utilize biometric, mobility or workstation-based options that any employee can access. With a variety of methods at your fingertips, you are able to manage a diverse workforce quickly and efficiently.

Payroll and HR interfaces that suit you. We understand that payroll systems differ from one organization to another, with untold amounts of pay periods and pay types to manage. Our solution has been interfaced with dozens of payroll systems (including Alio and CIMS) from leading K-12 vendors across the country.

We provide extensive reporting options. TimeCentre allows you to pick and choose from over 150 standard reports with our Enterprise Suite. Additional reports can also be created ranging from the simplest to the most complex depending on your needs with our built-in reporting functionality.

Our role-based security is designed to give you peace of mind concerning who is accessing what information in your system. TimeCentre gives you an extensive audit trail of transactions along with reports that allow you to get a complete picture of changes in your system over time.

Our pricing model allows for a low-priced solution, that is easy to implement and easy to support. Based on the industry-standard SQL Server database and web-based technology, TimeCentre offers a fast implementation (typically in 30-60 days vs. months from our competitors) at a reasonable price (often 50% or less of competing products).

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Tableau Desktop
Freedom to ask any question

If you use business intelligence products, pivot tables or queries, you'll find Tableau a breakthrough for quickly answering deep questions. Customers are working 5 to 20 times faster using Tableau.

Use Tableau Desktop as a stand-alone application. Or if you can't keep the secret to yourself, use it with Tableau Server for a complete web-based analytics and dashboard solution for your company.

Tableau Server
Visual analytics on the web

Tableau Server lets you share visual analytics with anyone with a web browser. Publish interactive analytics or dashboards. Collaborative capabilities free the data analyst inside everyone.

Any of the data visualizations created with Tableau Desktop Professional can be published to Tableau Server where they become live, interactive analytic views. You can install the software and begin publishing content in under 15 minutes.

Tableau Reader
Share your insights freely

Tableau Reader enables people who don't have Tableau Desktop to view analytical insights and database visualizations built in Tableau Desktop.

Desktop users create workbooks and publish as packaged workbooks. Colleagues using only Reader interact with results by filtering, sorting, and examining data. Sharing this way extends the benefits of data visualization, analysis and collaboration to teams and workgroups.

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