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Initial / Annual PEOPLEWARE

Although our recommendation of optimum hardware and software is important, the key ingredient to your initial satisfaction with our automation solutions is your unlimited, on-line access to the Data Translation, Installation / Training, Enhancements and Support provided by our trained / dedicated staff,

24 hours/day – 7 days/week, commonly referred to as “Initial / Annual PEOPLEWARE”, consisting of:

—Transition Planning Meeting
—Migration / Data Translation
—Hardware / Software Installation
—Initial Technical, System Administration, and User Training
—Final Migration / Data Translation & Implementation
—UNLIMITED Internet, Telephone and On-Site Support
—Application Software Enhancements
—Technical, System Administration, and User Training
—Site Evaluation

Proven Electronic Storage / Retrieval Options

Project Management, Quality Assurance & Guaranteed Integration

1. Select Service Provider(s) Based on Highest Quality/Lowest Price/Proven Performance

2. Inventory All customer Documents, Books, Plats, Microfilm, Aperture Cards to be processed

3. Submit Books, Plats, Documents, Microfilm, Aperture Cards to Service Providers in Manageable Scopes of Work

4. Review Scopes of Work, Accept or Reject Each Index/Image for Final Integration

5. Work with Service Provider(s) on Re-Scans, Re-Indexing, Rejects and/or Scanning Items

6. Identify Missing Indexes/Images, Accounting for 100% of Customer’s Documents

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