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Computer Information Concepts, Inc. (CIC) was organized in 1981 to assist Cities, Counties, Schools and State Governments in the acquisition, implementation and effective use of automation.

Since CIC does not manufacture hardware nor customarily develop software, we are uniquely positioned to select and install products from literally hundreds of options available to the informed purchasers. Our in-depth evaluation includes an extensive feature / function analysis, reference site visit, controlled demo and negotiated quantity discount. A review of the vendor's experience, long term commitment to satisfying our Client's current and future requirements and finally, financial stability, results in less than one percent (1%) being selected and added to CIC’s family of recommended and supported products.

Although our recommendation of optimum hardware and software will always be important, the key ingredient to your initial and on-going satisfaction with our automation solutions, is your unlimited, on-line access to the Data Translation, Installation / Training, Enhancements and Support provided by our trained / dedicated staff, 24 hours/day – 7 days/week, commonly referred to as “PEOPLEWARE”. As shown below, CIC leaves nothing to chance, but instead provides a total plan, encompassing all three (3) “Wares”, hard, soft and most importantly, PEOPLE, in the following:

  • Transition Planning
  • Initial Migration / Data Translation
  • Hardware / Software Installation
  • Technical, System Administration, and ESP User Training
  • Final Migration / Data Translation & Implementation
  • Application Software Enhancements (Regulatory/User Defined/Vendor)
  • Unlimited Telephone and On-Site Support

Constant participation in the review and selection of hardware / software plus our daily involvement in efficiently and effectively delivering "PEOPLEWARE" provides the exceptional view of research, development and implementation necessary to assist our Clients in creating and maintaining their long range automation plans. This constantly evolving perspective assures our cost effective recommendation is always based on a secure grasp of today's automation options, include an accurate, estimated solution life and most importantly, a reliable, affordable and guaranteed, long term source of "PEOPLEWARE".

In summary, CIC replaces the emotion, confusion and miscalculations normally encountered in automation purchases with a "Total Solution Plan" encompassing all three (3) "Wares"; hard, soft and PEOPLE.

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