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Beyond the Technology

CIC Data Health Check

What does your student information data say about your district?

Your student information data reflects your district's academic performance, funding requirements and compliance with state and federal mandates. At the same time, inaccurate or incomplete data can cause your district to be penalized or audited, and lose out on necessary funding.

State and federal reporting requirements change each year, a moving target that requires continuous analysis and review of the data in your student information system. Further, students are continually entering and leaving the district throughout the year. Clearly, districts need an on-going process and tools that can be used throughout the year, in order to answer these questions:

• How well does your district comply with state and federal reporting
• Are you receiving all the state and federal funding that your district
  is entitled to?
• Can you measure and monitor the quality of your district's data
  on an ongoing basis?
• Do you have confidence in the quality of your data?

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CIC Ongoing Learning Plan

What is it?

The CIC Ongoing Learning Plan provides unlimited access to ongoing training sessions, streamlines purchasing processes, and makes it easy and inexpensive for your staff to continue their learning, thereby increasing your Return on Investment (ROI) with CIC, Infinite Campus and Tableau.

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Infinite Campus

The Infinite Campus is a place where administrators, teachers, parents, and students use technology to streamline educational processes, quickly and easily share information, work more efficiently, increase communication, and increase individual student achievement.

Infinite Campus is an Education Process Management (EPM) system. The Infinite Campus EPM system is much more powerful than traditional Student Information Systems (SIS) because it combines multiple data management functions into a SINGLE, integrated application. Built with state of the art technology, Infinite Campus offers schools, districts, regions, and states one integrated system for automating, managing, and controlling processes throughout the education enterprise.

Infinite Campus offers a unique, affordable solution, combining integrated software applications with integrated server hardware (hosted on-site or remotely). All applications are completely web-based; access is available for both PC and Mac workstations, using standard browser technology.

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Infinite Campus Food Service

Campus Food Service streamlines cafeteria operations for establishing individual food service accounts, tracking food purchases and designing flexible menu layouts. Food Service improves the efficiency of all food service employees through an easy-to-use point-of-sale (POS) system while simplifying state reporting.

Integrated Solution

The integration of Food Service with your Campus Census data gives users immediate,
secure access to the food service information they need.
• Review food service information through an easy-to-use
   Web interface as it is entered on the building-level POS
• Provides parents and students Internet access to students' meal
  selections in real time through the Campus Portal
• Apply, with immediate results, and give the child an appropriately
  priced lunch all in the same day while ensuring data confidentiality
  in the lunchroom

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Infinite Campus Messenger

Deliver Email and Voice Messages
Campus Messenger simplifies communications from staff and teachers to students and parents through an easy-to-use Web interface. Use Messenger to deliver regular, content-rich communications via email or phone.

Integrated Solution
The integration of Messenger and Infinite Campus gives users the power to access any data field in Campus to easily create and deliver communications such as:

• Email report card messages to parents reducing the number of
  printed report cards mailed, saving your school or district printing,
  postage and labor costs
• Notify parents immediately if their child is tardy or absent
• Deliver notices such as school closings due to weather, policy
  changes and meeting announcements quickly and efficiently

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Tableau Desktop
Freedom to ask any question

If you use business intelligence products, pivot tables or queries, you'll find Tableau a breakthrough for quickly answering deep questions. Customers are working 5 to 20 times faster using Tableau.

Use Tableau Desktop as a stand-alone application. Or if you can't keep the secret to yourself, use it with Tableau Server for a complete web-based analytics and dashboard solution for your company.

Tableau Server
Visual analytics on the web

Tableau Server lets you share visual analytics with anyone with a web browser. Publish interactive analytics or dashboards. Collaborative capabilities free the data analyst inside everyone.

Any of the data visualizations created with Tableau Desktop Professional can be published to Tableau Server where they become live, interactive analytic views. You can install the software and begin publishing content in under 15 minutes.

Tableau Reader
Share your insights freely

Tableau Reader enables people who don't have Tableau Desktop to view analytical insights and database visualizations built in Tableau Desktop.

Desktop users create workbooks and publish as packaged workbooks. Colleagues using only Reader interact with results by filtering, sorting, and examining data. Sharing this way extends the benefits of data visualization, analysis and collaboration to teams and workgroups.

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